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Houston Home Remodeling

We Take Care of Your Home Improvement Project from Start to Finish. We are a local Houston based team of professionals specializing in kitchens, baths, stairs, flooring, paint, and a host of other services. We can also add modern technology to your home with smart devices, timers, and usb outlets. Let us add some sizzle features to your latest home purchase.

Are you looking to sell your home but you need to fix a few things first?  Give us a call.  Our services include drywall repair, fence repair, or patching a roof.

Are you expecting house guests for a big event such as a wedding, holiday celebration or a graduation?  Let us give your home a new coat of paint or a new kitchen so that you can entertain your family.

When you remodel your house with Clear Sky Developments, it’s a simple process. We listen to your requests and we provide a cost effective approach to getting the most bang for your buck!

Our most recent remodel is now for sale in Atascocita. Take a look at the virtual tour.

Want to see our work?

Take a look at a few of the houses we brought back to life.  View our Remodel Gallery here.

Certified By Home Advisor

We have been screened and approved by America’s top rated service finder. We are also licensed and insured to remodel your home.

Clear Sky Developments, LLC is a Screened & Approved HomeAdvisor Pro

Sizzle Features

Give your house some sizzle with features like no other house in your neighborhood.  Here are some things we have incorporated into our home remodels.

Reclaimed Wood Wall

Jazz up a dining room, breakfast room, or bedroom with a reclaimed wood wall!

Sliding Barn Door

You have seen it on TV and now you can have your very own barn door in your house!

Stacked Stone Fireplace

Update that brick fireplace with stacked stone!

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Do you own a house that is too ugly to fix

Did you inherit an old house you don’t want to fix?  Maybe your home flooded and you don’t want to deal with the repairs.  We can help!

Sell us your distressed home and walk away with the cash.  We like to think of ourselves as the EMS for houses.  When we repair these houses they usually sell for top dollar which increases property values for surrounding neighbors.  Therefore, we are restoring older communities to their former glory and preserving the neighborhood from becoming run-down and unsightly.