Selling A Flood-Damaged Home

Flood damage happens frequently in Houston due to the many hurricanes that make landfall. Flooding causes devastation for homeowners both with and without insurance.  The process of recovery can be daunting and many people who have flooded in past storms do not want to suffer the hassle of recovering from another storm. Most homeowners do not have the time or resources to quickly fix things after a flood.  Trying to hold down a job, raise kids, and repair a home can be overwhelming.  The insurance companies do not make it any easier.

How to get out

One exit strategy could be to sell your home and move to a new home that has never flooded. Before you consider listing your flooded house, there are things you need to think about. Can you invest time, effort and money in getting repairs done, or will you risk going to market with an “as-is” status, and hoping for a cash sale?

With a house that has been flooded your selling market is limited.  Most people will not want to move into your house if it has flooded which will make selling difficult and time consuming. Home buyers have a hard time visualizing their personal items inside of a house that has been gutted from flood waters.

Avoid realtor fees and sell “off-market”

The best solution might be to sell your house to an investor who can close quickly.  Investors like Clear Sky Developments can buy your house “as-is” with all cash.  This means you don’t have to pay a realtor and you don’t have to wait for financing approval.  Additionally, investors will pay for all of the closing costs.  This means it does not cost you anything to sell your house. This will free up time and money for you to find your next dream home that is move-in ready.  Skip the headache of trying to list your house with a realtor.

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Why Contact Clear Sky Developments for Assistance?

Clear Sky Developments has many years of experience when dealing with flood damaged homes and we are ready to assist in finding the best possible real estate solution that will best fit your needs. Clear Sky Developments has donated their expertise in communities which have been flooded. Our dedication and focus in these situations is to help our local veterans with disabilities and elderly residents without flood insurance.

Many steps should be taken to assess the overall damage including:

  • Measures to minimize any further damage
  • Check for any structural and foundational issues
  • Determine what to demolish and what is safe to remain
  • Document the level of the water damage
  • Decide to repair or sell as-is

Flooding in the Greater Houston area does happen, and we understand it can be scary, confusing and overwhelming.  Each and every flood victim has a different situation, and we are sensitive to each affected home owner’s specific needs.

Clear Sky Developments has funds available to buy your flood home NOW, or we can offer you guidance for your given situation.

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    Do I Need to Hire an Inspector?

    If you hire an inspector, you can find peace of mind knowing, all of the damage has been outlined for your knowledge. Some insurance agencies can request they use their own inspector to be involved, if you wish to file a claim. The insurers inspector will NOT offer any repair estimates for your damages. Clear Sky Developments can help if this situation arises.

    Clear Sky Developments will review the inspection report and offer other solutions, and we also give an estimate of what a contractor is likely to charge for making the repairs, so you can remain in your house. You can benefit by calling Clear Sky Developments as we have a lot of knowledge and insight into the construction and selling process.

    A conventional sale will include:

    • The cost for you to do the full repair of the damage

    • Listing the house with an agent and paying commissions, insurances and having open houses with strangers walking around your home.

    • The time consideration for waiting to find a buyer.

    Selling to Clear Sky Developments is a simple solution, and can close within 14 days of the offer, or to meet your timeline, there are NO realtors or fees, NO open houses, NO strangers and above all NO waiting!!!

    Our reputation was built on putting homeowners first and with the understanding, selling is not always the best solution for the owner. Clear Sky Developments focuses on the situation, and helps to develop a real estate solution, that is best for the home owner!

    How does the process work?

    After your first contact, Clear Sky Developments, we begin conducting all the necessary research, schedule a time to visit your property, conduct a survey and evaluate the damage and provide an estimate as to what the cost of rebuild or the reward to sell your property as-is to Clear Sky Developments. On some occasions, we may request additional information, but by working together we will make sure your immediate needs are met. We consider all the information along with any damages and can make a cash offer within a few days of the initial contact!

    When a home owner decides to sell as-is, we can begin the purchasing process. We have ready cash available to buy your property in just a few days, there is NO red tape, NO real estate agents and NO hidden agendas, the best part being, we buy houses in ANY condition!


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