Selling a House During Probate

Probate is an English term that is derived from the Latin word probo or probare. This is a verb that means “to test, try, prove, or examine”. Specifically, the term is derived from the Latin word’s past participle, probatum, meaning “having been proved”.

You are looking to sell your house quickly for cash, so why should this statement mean anything? The word’s history provides the reasoning behind the probate process: and to verify who actually owns what, and who will take control of it after the death of the property owner.

What is the Probate Process?

If you are seeking out this service, then you probably already know what a probate is. But just to be clear about the terms being discussed, it will be better to provide you with an outline. Probate is the method by which an estate is administered after the death of an individual.

Probate will very often cover real estate holdings also. Indeed, this is one of the most important aspects of the probate process. A good deal of wealth is often tied into real estate holdings, so it is important to mete out ahead of time what will happen to the property.

The probate process will only come into play if two previous conditions are not met. These conditions will determine rightful ownership of the property without any need for the probate process. The two conditions are: does the property fall under joint tenancy and is it controlled by a trust? If neither is true of the property, then it must go through a probate process.

Senna House Buyers are Experts at Handling Probate

Individuals in the Greater Houston area who are now having to deal with probate issues will be wise to seek out the aid of Clear Sky Developments. As a company, we take great pride in successfully offering high-quality services to our clients in every field relating to real estate issues, including the probate process.

Clear Sky Developments has successfully gone through these issues with many other clients in the past and will continually do so again in the future. Our dedicated staff has become experts in this field of dealing with issues of this nature.

At Clear Sky Developments, we fully understand this is not just another normal transaction for you. Every single day, there are many Houston individuals and families who are having to deal with the probate process. On many occasions, the probate problem arises when one wishes to sell his or her house quickly, and here the probate process must be completed first. Many real estate holdings are often, more than just investments and mortgage payments to most people, and these are more often homes in Greater Houston, Texas that are changing hands, and are where the probate process is concerned.

These are family homes where people have lived, made many memories, and love. It is for these reasons the probate process exists: to determine who should have control of the estate after the home-owner’s death.

You Don’t Have to Do it Alone. Our Staff is Here to Help.

Clear Sky Developments can offer you a wide range of services, including the handling of any probate issues. For the average person, these issues can be difficult to deal with. To fully understand issues in play, and the probate process in general can seem difficult and daunting, even for the smartest people. The good news being, no one has to deal with these issues alone.

Clear Sky Developments has organized, efficient and professional staff on-hand ready to help all clients who currently face these issues. All staff at Clear Sky Developments have a great deal of experience in dealing with probate issues, and they continually handle real estate issues, especially where the probate process is concerned.

On many occasions, we have helped clients to easily ascertain what exactly should be happening with their property, this can ease the path to selling your house quickly if that is your goal, or to do otherwise if that is your preference.